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We've MESHed together all the key features needed for entertainment websites. MESH is perfectly tailored to meet your multi-media needs and innovates on every level.
Give MESH theme a try and convince yourself!

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(5 stars based on MESH customers rating)

All above Demos, Extentions, Key Features & Premium Plugins are included in MESH. You also get lifetime updates and 6 months of premium support for FREE.

buy today $64

(5 stars based on MESH customers rating)

Key Features

The entertainment business is as large as it is great and the one glove fits all approach will not give you the best results. That's why we have perfected the MESH theme so you and your fans can get the best experience possible.

Core Features

Sell Tickets

You can sell tickets directly after you setup the theme & its required plugins. We collaborated with Tickera to make this feature as awesome as possible. You can print the tickets, add QR codes & scan them on the event.

Non-Stop Music Players

MESH has a footer player, a side album player and more shortcode players. The music won’t stop if the user moves to another page. You can play self-hosted music, SoundCloud music and ShoutCast/Icecast radios.

Drag and Drop Page Builder

MESH comes packaged within a highly tailored version of VISUAL COMPOSER. 

Fully Customizable

Mesh it's fully customizable from WordPress's Customizer where you can change the colors, fonts, layouts & skins and preview your changes at the same time.

Multilangual Ready

MESH is 100% translation ready and have the .pot file included in the theme's package.

Revolution Slider

You can use the power of Slider Revolution which it’s included in the theme’s package and create beautiful sliders for your website.

AJAX Transitions

Because of this AJAX transitions your website will move faster and give a nice feeling to your user when he enjoys your experience.

Mobile/Tablet Ready

With a mobile focus the layout & elements adapt to the screensize of whatever device your user is using.

StylishThemes Trusted by famous customers

“With 122 million albums sold worldwide spanning eleven different languages, Mireill Mathieu isn’t just a French treasure, she’s a global superstar. And now she has a new website using none other than our very own Stylish Themes’ theme.”

comunity.envato.com - bit.ly/envst

buy today $64

(5 stars based on MESH customers rating)

Outstandig Support

We have a wordpress expert team for support. You can ask us anything you are not familiar with or you don’t find in documentation.

Two Minutes Setup

Install the theme, press “Import Button” and you will get an instalation like one we use in our MESH theme demo.

SEO Friendly

We’ve put a lot of work on this and we still do. SEO it’s a big deal nowadays so we want to make sure your website gets the best of it.

5 Button Skins Included

We provide you 5 already made button skins which will make your mind blow. You can choose the one it fits the best for your business or personality.

Music Albums

Organize your music in albums and play them from the side player. With this feature you can also create playlists.

Unlimited Colors

Customize the colors so you can give a personal touch of your brand to MESH.

Booking Forms

On each event page you can add a booking form where the user can book a table with just one step. Also, you will receive an email with the booking info on your personal address.

Events Calendar

With MESH’s awesome calendar you can present your events in a fresh and cool way.

Sell tickets for your event with style!

This theme comes fully optimized for use with Tickera - Powerful Event Ticketing System. With its simple and streamlined setup, you can start selling tickets in no time! And the best thing - it's commission free.

Social Media Sync

You can use content from Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, BandsInTown & other social media to build your pages. This way your website will be fresh without you updating it all the time.

Exquisite documentation

You’ll find all you have to know to build your own website in our step-by-step online guides.

Mailchimp Subscribe

Use the Mailchimp Subscribe box in your footer to raise email addresses from your website users.

Custom Widgets Included

We created several custom widgets for MESH so you can present your informations in a cool way.

6 Menu Layouts

Choose one of the 6 menu layouts which fits your website the best!

AddThis Social Share

We used the best social sharing plugin so your users will be able to share your content at full power.

2 Blogs Layout

MESH has two styles of blogs included by default. You can use either of them for your website.

Photo Galleries

If you want to show your club latest photos or the photos from your parties you can use our awesome photo albums feature that will blow your mind.

How Much Money are You Saving with MESH?

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You just saved $58 with MESH!

F. A. Q.

Do I Get Free Updates?

Yep! MESH comes with on-click automatic and pain-free updates. Just smooth cruising from now on!

Is this page included in MESH theme?

No! This is just a sell page that presents the features and demos of MESH and it's not included in the theme. By request, for our customers, we can offer the PSD and HTML version of this page, but yet it is not a part of MESH theme.

Is it allowed to customize a theme?

Yes, all of our themes are licensed under GPLv2 (or later) (like WordPress itself) so you can customize them with no restrictions. Go build something awesome and share it with us!.

What will I need to use this theme?

Things are quite straight forward: first you need a domain and a hosting service; then you install WordPress (self-hosted). Now you are ready to install the theme.

How this works? Will I get all the demos?

If you purchase a license for MESH ($64) you will get all demos, features and extentions for it. With MESH you can create all the demos and more because it's very customizable. You can't buy just a demo.

Is my site secure with your theme?

We're commited to making and keeping our themes as secure as possible. You can count on us to fix any issues that might arise in the shortest time possible.

What’s your support policy?

We live by making our clients happy and our Helpdesk aims to ensure that you will have the best experience possible with our themes. Our support policy is simple and decent: we are nice and reasonable with you; we expect that in return.

All MESH's Demos + Extentions, Key Features & Premium Plugins are included. You also get lifetime updates and 6 months of premium support for FREE.

buy today $64

(5 stars based on MESH customers rating)